Work Execution Management

Work Execution Management facilitates all aspects of day-to-day maintenance management activities, including job planning, scheduling, allocation, issuing, execution, and task follow up. A clear and concise Work Execution Management process will result in higher asset availability, lower operating costs, and lower wrench time.

With effective maintenance planning and scheduling practices, your organization can efficiently use labor; manage parts, tools, and drawings; reduce time spent waiting for jobs to be assigned; and streamline complex down-days and shutdowns. Allied Reliability Group can help by instilling a clear understanding of your current planning and scheduling performance and leaving you with a customized improvement plan. Define Planning & Scheduling Team roles and responsibilities; effectively identify, prioritize, and manage work, including backlog; schedule routine daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks; design and preserve clear and meaningful, effective work procedures for various job plans and procedures; and implement and complete the process for planning and tracking complex down-day and outage events.

Allied Reliability Group’s Natural Work Team (NWT) deliverable offers plants the ability to ensure that key roles in maintenance and operations are being filled by individuals with the highest level of skills, job knowledge, and role performance. In this deliverable, Allied builds effectiveness that culminates with a certification of achievement recognized across industries.

Make your shutdowns and outages a smooth sequence of events. With Allied Reliability Group’s Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage (STO) management and coaching in effective planning and scheduling, 30 maintenance technicians can yield the effect of 47. And, thousands of staff hours can be harvested from non-value added activities. Allied can show you how to understand and apply the best practices for managing STO.


Three Things All Shutdown Managers Need to Know About Their Critical Path:
This virtual learning opportunity will provide those involved at any level of shutdown management (turnaround or outages) with some valuable insights into critical path management.

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