Routine Equipment Care

Employee engagement is the holy grail of any organization. Operators need to have ownership of the assets that they operate. They need solutions to make this ownership less subjective and more quantitative and systematic. Allied Reliability Group’s Routine Equipment Care process directly engages operating personnel in the asset care process.

While known by many different names (Operator Care, Autonomous Maintenance, Operator Driven Reliability), our Routine Equipment Care process presents a simple set of tools that can become the centerpiece of any asset reliability initiative or Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) effort. Operators take increased ownership for equipment with a solid structure around existing informal activities.

Routine Equipment Care allows an organization to engage a largely untapped resource in a meaningful way to support the asset reliability efforts of the organization. In addition to the tangible deliverables of the process (inspection forms, problem tags, audits, etc.), we find that our approach provides additional benefit in that it immediately empowers the operators in an area, focusing their attention on measurable results and simple problem solving techniques.


  • Improved and formalized lines of communication
  • Engagement, ownership, and accountability
  • Visibility of abnormalities, as well as results
  • Reduced equipment delays and product quality issues


Operator Care: Lessons from the Front Lines of the Operator Care Program:
Operator Care Discipline Leader, Mike Gehloff shares this white paper on lessons from the front lines of the Operator Care Program including best practices, tips and recommendations for successful operator engagement at your plant.

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