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It is often stated that one must know where they are before one can get to where they are going. This holds true for plants looking to develop an improvement initiative or bolster one already underway. An effective assessment uses a proven process that quickly identifies where the biggest gaps in reliability lie and where the greatest gains can be achieved.

Allied Reliability Group’s Reliability Assessment Process (RAP) reviews your maintenance work practices and provides formal feedback on your biggest gaps and most significant opportunities. This assessment is based on our extensive best practices database, covering over 3,500 plants across all industry verticals. The standard RAP follows a process that ensures each step builds a sustainable business case for change and has the best chance of success.


6 High-Level Elements to Guide Your Maintenance & Reliability Assessment

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Allied’s WCR-B tool is a streamlined hybrid assessment benchmarking methodology built from the experiences, tools, and methods deployed during their years of benchmarking hundreds of companies.

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