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Developing a strong business case, weaving change management throughout your efforts, and ensuring sustained, reliable operations.

Establishing a business case for change is a necessary first step in reliability implementation. Allied Reliability Group understands that the effectiveness and efficiency of the assets you employ are what drive the financial performance of your company. Our Return on Asset Reliability (ROAR) metric clearly maps out the financial impact of uncovering the hidden potential in your asset base. With ROAR, you can realize a higher return with little to no capital investment. Recognizing that business needs vary from organization to organization, Allied offers several alternatives for developing your business case, as well as a complete analysis of the costs associated with conducting your improvement initiative.

Change management coaching is a personalized approach to executing the fundamental elements required for successful change implementation. Participants in the coaching process can expect to receive training, direction, and feedback with the aim to develop or improve upon the use of proven change management techniques and tools. Utilizing best practice change management methodology has proven to significantly increase ROI for performance improvement initiatives requiring behavior changes relating to an organization’s culture.

Allied Reliability Group provides on-site operations management and process improvement training, coaching, and facilitation for your specific needs, timing, and budget. Allied provides critical support during implementation of your operations solution, including building a business case for change; selecting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and developing a Benefits Tracking System; ensuring correct application of tools; driving the transformation project forward; and developing and coaching your Implementation Team, as well as your managers to help them understand the process changes and their changing roles.

Allied Reliability Group provides on-site maintenance management and process improvement training, coaching, and facilitation for your specific needs, timing, and budget. We work side-by-side with your management and crew to improve the entire maintenance work cycle and the processes that support it. Allied helps your organization clearly understand and improve maintenance performance and streamline, agree to, document, and institutionalize your company’s best practices, resulting in bottom-line cost reduction and higher equipment utilization.

Many organizations that lack the required agility in their manufacturing process resort to building large warehouses full of finished goods in anticipation of future customer demand. This agility is achieved by reducing sources of variation, which is best accomplished through an appropriate combination of the following techniques (and in this logical order): 5S; Standard Work; Centerlining; and Quick Changeover (SMED). More than a consulting exercise, Manufacturing Excellence allows for immediate application of the lessons learned with corresponding immediate return on the effort.


Establishing the Discipline of Executing:
70% of maintenance and reliability projects fail due to poor execution. Through this white paper, Change Management Subject Matter Expert Mike Aroney shares why your projects are failing and what you can do about it.

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