Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnostics techniques are available via Allied Reliability Group’s Outsourced delivery model. An experienced and certified Level III Analyst or Subject Matter Expert is available for organizations looking to utilize Advanced Diagnostic services.

Imagine being able to capture over a million simultaneous data collection points with the click of a camera. That’s what OptiVibe™ does.

Allied’s OptiVibe™ solution measures movement more accurately than any other technology currently being used and does it more efficiently, displaying the data in an intuitive way that enhances problem solving. With this innovative solution, you get greater clarity in data, which results in more informed decisions.

Using a simple video camera and optical sensors, OptiVibe™ provides data capture in the form of easy to understand images of vibration. OptiVibe™ takes any video input and measures the displacement and motion of EVERY PIXEL of the image, creating a visual illustration of vibration and motion.

The process is easy:

  1. Allied Technician takes measurement without contact.
  2. Vibrations are measured at every point in the image.
  3. Data is returned as a Vibragram, a color-coded image based on the intensity of vibration.

With a single camera, you can monitor large assets or multiple assets at once. OptiVibe™ is ideal for:

  • Belts
  • Complex structures
  • Large-scale structures
  • Small elements on large or inaccessible structures
  • Assets with quick-changing operating parameters
  • Assets behind protective glass barriers
  • Hidden faults: OptiVibe™ always measures all points, so measurement location does not need to be determined beforehand

With Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) testing, a visual representation of machine motion is captured to aid in the root cause identification of repetitive problems or complex vibration issues.

Impact testing utilizes run up or coast down activities to identify natural frequency content for resonance considerations.

Allied uses phase analysis to identify and address/confirm failure modes such as looseness, misalignment, and bent shafts.

Experimental modal analysis is used to help identify and resolve both structural and equipment resonance concerns.


Advanced Vibration Analysis Pinpoints Root Cause of Elevated Vibration Levels

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