World Class Reliability Benchmarking

Allied Reliability Group’s World Class Reliability Benchmarking (WCR-B) is a streamlined hybrid assessment methodology built from the experiences, tools, and methods deployed during our years of benchmarking hundreds of companies.

WCR-B is:

  • Cost Effective: No travel, in-person evaluations, or site visits are required, eliminating consultant travel expenses and lost labor time.
  • Web Based: Users access assessments anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Fast: Users complete individual assessments at their own pace, without work day interruption.
  • Role Based: With the click of a mouse, assessments are assigned to anyone in an organization, providing a more accurate view of an organization’s standing as responses come from those who know the processes, equipment, and organization best.
  • Safe: All assessments and user information is data encrypted.
  • Trusted: Benchmarking results are based on Allied’s 1500+ site database of best practices and worldwide data.

The assessments that make up WCR-B are divided into two categories, Sustainability Base and Reliability Elements. With 51 sections across the 13 assessments, WCR-B measures your organization’s maturity against a total of 293 elements. Assessment areas include:

  • Workforce Engagement
  • Change Management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Asset Health Management
  • PM & PdM/CM Programs

WCR-B’s analytics are based on the data from all of your organization’s assessments. Results can be viewed at either the site level or the corporate level, and compared to all industry rankings or just a specific industry. Besides depicting strengths and weaknesses, the analytics highlight where your personnel are in agreement regarding their levels of proficiency as well as where disconnects exist. In support of targeted improvement activities, WCR-B automatically identifies your potential quick wins mapped to aligned weaknesses, identifying immediate opportunities for improvement and ROI.

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