STORM-X is a truly wireless, battery-powered triax accelerometer system that offers plants an alternative to traditional data collection techniques. Supporting a wide variety of process monitoring options in addition to vibration monitoring, including temperature, pressure, and flow, STORM-X complements your current Condition Monitoring Program.

The STORM-X wireless monitoring system offers a myriad of features that will deliver fast, safe, and accurate results to your facility. Combining long-range 900MHz technology, onboard memory and accelerometers, and an advanced signal processing system, STORM-X provides an easy installation and integration path into your existing IT network. Offering simultaneous sampling of 3 internal XYZ accelerometers, STORM -X also includes an optional extender port that can be used for remote power or to attach up to 4 additional accelerometers and 6 DC inputs.

STORM-X doesn’t just give you an overall reading – you get full spectral data with 3,200 lines of resolutions at variable sampling rates of 62 Hz to 20 kHz. Through online monitoring and data acquisition and management capabilities, STORM-X is a permanent solution for ongoing data collection.

STORM-X is an excellent solution for a wide variety of equipment types, such as machine rolls, compressors, overhead cranes, mobile equipment, drag lines, and variable speed equipment. Above all, it is very well-suited for environments that create situations where equipment is inaccessible or taking vibration data is difficult, requires a shutdown, or is dangerous, including:

• Hostile environment with extreme heat, cold, or wind

• Unsafe areas where rotating equipment is present

• Elevated areas where rotating equipment is present

• Equipment that requires production interruptions to access

• Equipment that requires 24/365 monitoring

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